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Salon d'EIRYO

a Den-en-chofu

[ Feast ]  go-chisou

1. A polite word for treats. behave. Hospitality. "_become"

2. Sumptuous meals. good food. "Amazing _"

-From Kojien.

  • Limited to 1 group per day

  • By appointment only

  • Day and Night Omakase Course

Specialties from all over the country that the owner of the salon literally runs around and collects.
The main dish is Hida beef A5 grade chateaubriand steak.
To finish off, put salted rice balls made from Hida rice on magnolia leaves.
We are waiting for you with a "feast".

Salon d'EIRYO a Den-en-chofu

Eiryo Kudo


Salon d'EIRYO a Den-en-chofu

Address​ 5-56-4 Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo 


[Salon Information]

  • Pairing course
    (Includes champagne, Hida local sake, domestic white wine, and red wine)
    ¥25.000/person (tax included)

  • ​Non- alcoholic pairing course
    (Non-alcoholic sparkling, black bean tea, herbal tea, hojicha, etc.)
    ¥25.000/person (tax included)

The price is the same for both day and night.
We accept reservations for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people .
The above amount also includes pairing fees with various alcoholic beverages and service fees.
Upon request, we will prepare a special children's course meal for children under 4 years old for ¥5,000/person. We also have child chairs available.

[To the secretary]

​Please enter your reservation details from "Contact" at the bottom of the screen.


Salon d'EIRYO a Den-en-chofu Master

CEO of EIRYO Co., Ltd.

工藤 英良


For 10 years, he served Japanese cuisine to dignitaries from all over the world in Canada, China, and France as a chef of the official residence of the "Diplomat of Food". He devoted himself to hospitality at the ambassador's official residence, and was awarded the 2013 Foreign Minister's Commendation for "Excellent Official Residence Chef."

Currently, as a business travel chef, in addition to providing special course meals limited to one group per day, we also provide in-flight meals on private jets, and provide recipes in response to requests from central government agencies, local governments, companies, universities, culinary schools, etc. I am giving lectures.



From Denenchofu Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line, Tokyu Meguro Line) [Time required about 5 minutes] There is a taxi stand on the right after exiting the ticket gate. To "Kurara Den-en-chofu Nursing Home along the Bank (with Granda Den-en-chofu)" or "Bank Bus Stop Den-en-chofu 5-chome". In addition, if you walk from the station, you will arrive at our salon in 15 to 17 minutes.

多摩川駅より (東急東横線、東急目黒線) [所要時間約5分] 改札を出て直進、踏切を左手に見ながら通り過ぎるとバス停あり。1番乗り場より二子玉川駅行乗車、田園調布5丁目下車。本数はあまり多くないので時刻表をご確認ください。多摩川駅 時刻表 (東急バス 玉11 二子玉川駅ゆき) なお、駅から徒歩の場合は15~17分で弊社サロン。

二子玉川駅より (東急田園都市線、東急大井町線) [所要時間約10分] 改札を出て右に直進、ライズショッピングセンターを通り抜けバスターミナルへ。5番乗り場より多摩川駅行に乗車、田園調布5丁目停留所下車。本数があまり多くないので時刻表をご確認ください。 二子玉川駅 時刻表 (東急バ​ス  玉11 多摩川駅ゆき)

After getting off at Denenchofu 5-chome bus stop, there is a car shop with a red Alfa Romeo signboard. Follow the path at the corner for about 30 meters and turn left. If you go down the private road that is a blind alley, you will see a white two-story building on the left at the end. There are 4 houses with a similar atmosphere, and our salon is the 3rd from the left, and there is a sign that says EIRYO corporation as a landmark. Please ring the intercom when you arrive. If you get lost, please call 090-4533-2269. We will pick you up right away.

[Customers coming by car]

Find the nearest parking area here.

Times Denenchofu 5-chome 3rd

5-52 Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Living Park Denenchofu 5

5-52-23 Denenchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo

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